Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kresser: Your Personal Paleo Code

This book is not new news, but it is the best book on eating for health I've yet to read.  It's not too sciency, but it's authoritative in its arguments.  It's not off the paleo deep end, but it's detailed enough to help ANYONE sort through their diet/health issues.  It is laid out very, very well, and easy to read.  Here's an excerpt I like early on:

"The inuit are a group of hunter-gatherers who live in the Arctic regions of Alaska, Canada, and Greenland. They eat primarily fish, seals, whale, caribou, walrus, birds and eggs: a diet very high in fat and protein, with very few vegetables or fruits.  They live in a harsh environment that is marginal at best for human habitation yet early explorers, physicians and scientists unanimously reported that the inuit they encountered enjoyed excellent health and vitality.

"Dr. John Simpson studied the inuit in the mid-1850s. He noted that the inuit were "robust, muscular and active, inclining rather to spareness, rather than corpulence, presenting a markedly healthy appearance.  The expression of the countenance is one of habitual good humor.  The physical constitution of both sexes is strong."  This is especially remarkable considering the inhospitable environment the inuit lived in, and it's a testament to nutrient density of the animal foods that made up the majority of their diet."

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