Friday, May 16, 2014

That's Kind of Cute

This is a write up that can best be described as kind of cute.  It's funny to see t-nation taking pot shots at CrossFit while still trying to acknowledge that CF's not the joke they've been saying it was for the last 7 or so years (as long as I've known about tnation).  I remember back then it seemed like someone might care about what is written in tnation.

Except for the author's cheap shots, it's not off the mark factually, but it is telling that the author's still think their readers want them to take cheap shots against CF even in an article that in some ways has articulated what is good about CF.

It's pretty simple to me.  If you don't like CrossFit, don't do CrossFit.  If you have goals that do not include increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains, don't do CrossFit.  If you are not interested in a broad, general non-specialized fitness, don't do CrossFit.  When you deviate from "paying your money and taking your chances" with your own life, and pretend to know what is best for others, you just made yourself into an idiot.

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