Monday, April 25, 2011

Shi No Ubi Update

My friend Shi No Ubi, whom we met here, sent the following:

Please feel free to use this info as you see fit.  You know most of the background.  I was taking a statin, a med for Triglyerides, two BP meds, Celebrx, and a couple other things. Keep that in mind when looking at the 2010 numbers.
From July, 2010 to March 2011 -
Glucose was 166, now 109 (it was 108 in 2004)
Triglycerides were 331, now 83
Cholesterol was 189 on statins, now 232
Thx again

What do these numbers mean?  Well, even with a tremendous drop in fasting glucose from 166 to 109 his system is still recovering in its ability to handle glucose metabolism.  Add the lower glucose number to an over 50 pound weight loss, and SNU's obviously moving in the right direction.  Some folks would be concerned about a 232 total cholesterol, but readers of this blog will recognize that a 232, with his low TG level (83!  Awesome), means that his cholesterol is likely to show a high HDL (over 50), and will reflect a very low number of the dangerous, small, dense, LDL.  In short, SNU has a non-atherogenic fasting lipids profile.  Dropping the triglycerides from over 300 to under 100 is a dramatic marker of the change in his health! 

I'll ask him to write about what the change in his diet has changed in other areas of his life at some point.  It's great to know you can slow down the aging process, and it's great to feel like you can expect more years of living vice just being alive, but more import is - what's the impact on each day?  Living forever is great but some of us won't get to do that.  Is it better to wake each day healthy and lean, or would it be better to "live like there's no tomorrow?"  Can we do both?  Obviously, I think you get more out of today if you eat yourself healthy, but I'll ask SNU to describe that experience for himself. 

By the way, Gary Taubes recently posted his fasting lipids profile on his web site, after refusing to let Dr. Oz test him during the filming of the show in which Oz hosted Gary.  Check the link, you'll see SNU's numbers compare favorably to Gary's. 

I couldn't be happier for my friend.  It's extremely gratifying that SNU "took the money and ran."  I look forward to a visit this summer, if not sooner.

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