Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Berardi and PN, Part 3

JB has also recently experimented with intermittent fasting, although he's taken a liking to a once weekly fast, vice the 5x mornings a week I'm liking these days.

How's his fast work?

Personally, I’ve been playing around with a 24 hour fast once per week. Sunday is generally my fasting day. Here’s how I do things:
  • 10 pm Saturday: stop eating
  • 9 am on Sunday: 1 multi-, 5 BCAAs, ½ serving greens+ in 1L water, 1 c green tea
  • 1 pm on Sunday: same as above
  • 5 pm on Sunday: same as above
  • 10 pm Sunday: eat a small protein, veggie, legume, and healthy fat meal
I’ve been doing this for 4 months, all as part of a fat loss experiment I’m working on. My goal is to lose as much fat as I can – and maintain this loss for a full year – while doing less than 90 minutes of super-intense exercise per week.

As JB cautions, fasting isn't for everyone.  I usually tell folks they should try to get comfortable just eating paleo for a couple of months before trying a fasting experiment.  However, I have a good friend who's recently switched to paleo style low carb, and started a "once per day" approach to eating.  In short order he lost 12 pounds and 1.25 inches off of his belly - that's a heck of a start!  He reports never being hungry and feeling very, very good.  I look forward to hearing how his next marathon training routine goes now that he's shedding the excess fat and restoring his health.  I also hope he's one of the 80% of folks who can get rid of their blood pressure medication with carb restriction.

Here's JB's very detailed publication on IF:

Next, we'll tap into JB's advice on post workout nutrition.

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