Thursday, April 19, 2012

Berardi and PN, Part 4

I really appreciate the common sense, and research advice JB offers on post-workout nutrition/recovery:
Basically, my graduate research focused on how we could use the right combination of protein and carbohydrate, in liquid form, to speed up recovery from endurance and strength exercise.

Although the research is complex, the conclusions are simple.
We found that if your training is hard enough to stimulate protein turnover and glycogen depletion, your recovery will speed up if you take a protein/carb drink during the peri-workout period.
Whether you drink it just prior to, during, or after training isn’t that important.

If that describes your training, take a look at the article link, JB prescribes a different "dose" for different folks.

The concluding advice:
The key here is to be honest with yourself. If your training is moderate, you probably don’t need a recovery drink. And, for the sake of full disclosure, during most of my training phases, I don’t even use one. Because I’m interested in maintenance for most of the year.

My guess is that most of my readers would fall into the group of us that don't really need a recovery drink, since we're exercising to live, vice living to exercise or compete.  So, my advice is not to worry too much about all the folks pumping down post-exercise shakes or super-storebought-foods.  Take the Art DeVaney route and eat when you are hungry, and let all the natural systems designed to keep you strong and healthy do their thing with the high quality paleo food you eat.

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