Thursday, April 26, 2012


My good friend Pearl, who has been dabbling in low carb and recently attended a presentation on the Paleo Model, reports the following:

Week 3:
"Down 9 pounds and 1.25 inches of belly fat, including some massive cheating at Easter Dinner!"
What's his version of Paleo?
He's working out, and, besides morning coffee, he does not eat anything until dinner.  He says he's "not even hungry during the day.  I eat meats and veggies, and have nuts or a pickle for a snack if I get a craving.  It's the best I've felt in years."

Week 4:
"I've been eating paleo with almost no cheating for right at a month, plus exercise.  Down 12 pounds and 2.25 inches of belly fat.  I feel good, I'm almost never hungry.  I'm a convert."

I'm hoping he'll be telling me that he's off the blood pressure meds in another couple of months.  Even more important than the weight and fat loss is the cessation and reversal of damage that he suffered from what he was eating (what most of us eat) before.  Pearl's a young man, has a beautiful family, and a lot of good living in front of him - far better to live that way feeling strong, healthy and fit!

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