Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Civilized, Weak

Speaking of hip extension, the extensor group is one of the most under-utilized muscle groups in modern civili- zation. The advent of the La-Z-Boy and the television have arguably contributed more to the weakening of modern society than any other inventions of our time. As I sit writing this article, I can feel my hip flexors becoming tighter and my hip extensors becoming weaker. Fortunately, the recent surge in the popularity of lifting heavy things is beginning to reverse this trend, at least in a small segment of our population.

How long until this won't be the kind of observation that you only get from "real trainers", which is to say people who teach their athletes to lift heavy stuff, and jump, and climb, and such - vice folks that count reps, cheer and move selector pins on machines.  The day will come when it's totally pop to make these kinds of points.  

First, there will have to be a change in how athletes are coached - you can't address these matters well without using functional human movements - squatting, deadlifting, jumping, etc.  Hamstring curls and glute extensions won't get it done because they just create hypertrophy, or perhaps a little strength, without giving an athlete the frame of reference in which to apply the improved force generation potential.

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