Wednesday, April 25, 2012

CF Endurance Results

The linked article details some of the training and results of a group of CF Endurance athletes - the results are very impressive!  The concept of CFE is simple - an athlete can train for broad, general, inclusive fitness - increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains - but also sustain elite endurance performance (specialization, in other words, the capacity to work "not very hard" for a long duration).  Of course, a "normal" CFer should be competent in working "not very hard" for a long duration, or else, they would be missing an important element of fitness.  The CFE folks just take that a step farther - they add workouts to take their endurance capacity to greater lengths.  The cost?  Time, recovery, potential increased risk of over use injury, and most likely, some compromise of their ability to improve in another element of fitness.  So, as with everything, it's all about the trade offs!

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