Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cafe Hayek — The Creeping Menace

Cafe Hayek — where orders emerge
More fundamentally, each time the government expands its effective authority over economic decision-making, it sets in motion a variety of economic, institutional, and ideological adjustments whose common denominator is a diminished resistance to Bigger Government. Among the most significant of such adjustments is the Supreme Court’s consistent refusal to protect individual rights from invasion by government officials during national emergencies. Precedents established during extraordinary times tilt the constitutional balance even during ensuing normal times.

Normally this would go on my political blog vice this blog - but it applies directly to the government's actions in advocating dietary choices which are not based in acceptable science.  The government's bad advice is noteworthy:
-Don't eat salk
-Don't eat saturated fat, but do eat industrially produced polyunsaturated fats
-Eat mountains of grains
-"We're not sure sugar is bad for you"
-"Raw milk is dangerous"

Once ensconced in government policy, the guidelines must be followed by numerous institutions in our country - the government is an agent of bad food science, and we are made to suffer the consequences. 

I'm not convinced the government should advise anyone on any food choices, but I'm completely convinced it should not do unless it has intervention studies on the topic in hand.  Let's hope that very simple requirement can limit government mis-information in the future, OR, more likely, that folks will learn not to trust the utterances of politically based instutitions.

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