Thursday, July 26, 2012

Double Under Demo, Intro

Mike McGoldrick, super human and super human being (this is a Mike you would actually like to be like), shows how to DU:
Short and sweet instruction!

Double unders are a fabulous test of coordination, and done well they demand and develop body integration (if your hips and back flex every bounce, you will lose), precise body positioning, the ability to rebound off the ground with great efficiency (the jumping part), and metabolic capacity.  DU also develop hand speed and coordination.  Put this little nasty in a workout, and you will also be able to practice and refine the ability to deliver skillful movement when near the limit of your metabolic working limits.  Yes - skillful movement when gassed and gasping for breath - that will come in handy some day.

One thing I'd add - imagine yourself as the double under-er, in the middle of a circle.  The circle touches the ground under your feet.  If the circle rolled forward, your feet would no longer be contained by the circle.  This is what many people do without realizing it - they move their hands forward, essentially moving the circle in front of themselves.  Then the rope starts hitting their feet.  Unaware of why, they try jumping higher.  It may work for a bit, then the extra wasted work catches up to them.

What to do?  Make sure the hands stay to your side, so that if you drew a line from hand to hand it would go through your body.  IOW - keep the circle around you, not in front of you.

Few things in life are as cool as the sound made by strings of DUs, you want this!

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