Wednesday, July 25, 2012

?Fat Adapted?

As I’ve mentioned before, fat-adaptation is the normal, preferred metabolic state of the human animal. It’s nothing special; it’s just how we’re meant to be. That’s actually why we have all this fat on our bodies – turns out it’s a pretty reliable source of energy! To understand what it means to be normal, it’s useful examine what it means to be abnormal. And by that I mean, to understand what being a sugar-dependent person feels like.

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Mark does a nice job in this post explaining the place we all want to be - fat adapted.  It's the normal human metabolic state and it leads to things like normal blood sugar, lack of hunger, a lean body, and lots of flexibility about when we eat.  
How does one go about getting themselves fat adapted?  First, restrict your carb intake.  The brain needs about 150g of carbohydrate daily, so when you eat fewer carbs than that, you demand that your body use fat as fuel.  You can also help this process along by avoiding high carb intake after your high quality paleo supper - if you like sweets, eat them early in the evening.  As you fast while sleeping, you invite the body to use fat.  If you delay breakfast, or eat a very low carb breakfast, you demand that your body continue to use fat.  
As a side effect, you feel much better.  All the more so if you have glucose regulation issues.
I recommend Mark's post above for all the details about why you should work to achieve the glorified status of "FAT BURNING MACHINE".
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