Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Running Shoes? Nevermind

Next time you think about getting a new running shoe, have a read of the following.  Even the Runner's Worlds of the world are finally admitting - there's no reason to believe it's better to run in a running shoe.

In character, this post is to running magazines what this post - Limits of the JAMA "Metabolic Advantage" Study  - was to "weight loss science."


I would love to hear one day that Chris found Dr. Romanov and teamed up with him to help make people aware that there's a technique to running, bare foot or otherwise, that can help folks run with less pain, more pleasure, more speed, less injury.

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  1. Great post! I agree - it would be great if these two (McDougall and Dr. Romanov) would team up to get the message out. I've trained Pose Method for a little over two years now with a master Pose coach and it has completely evolved my running in all the ways that you have described. I "preach" what this method has to offer. Happy to know of another supporter!