Friday, December 14, 2012

"Strong Is The New Skinny"

"Jones says she's not surprised that more women are taking heavy weights seriously. "I made a t-shirt last summer that said, 'Strong is The New Skinny' and it resonated with so many women," she says. "Even women I didn't know on the streets or in airports stopped me to take a picture of the shirt. Women get the sentiment. Women are finally seeing that skinny does not mean strong. Actually, it's just the opposite in many cases."

"She may have a point. A few studies published this year show it's possible to be lean and metabolically unhealthy without exercise.  Similarly, overweight people can be metabolically fit on the inside, but still carry too much outer weight. Building inner muscle and aerobic capacity is key to truly improving health, regardless of what the scale says."

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The author continues:
"I'm not totally sold on heavy weights just yet, but I will say that focusing on getting fit and being obsessed with burning calories makes working out much more fun."

In my experience, between women and men, gaining strength through the use of barbells or body weight movements does more for women than for men, due to the fact that women fear barbells and feel exuberant when they defeat their fears, and their mis-perceptions of the limits of their strength.  Men would much rather stand around and talk about the days when they were young and strong, on the  average, and are much less likely to grab a barbell and get the heck to work to be stronger tomorrow than they are today.

Women who test themselves against CrossFit find transformation, just as many men do, but the reach is farther - the anecdotes about how their CrossFit changed their relationships at work, for example, abound.  Why?  I'm just guessing but I think it teaches anyone how to face fear and do what needs to be done.

The term used in the quote above - heavy weights - is a pretty good example of a lady's mis-perception - what is heavy today is light tomorrow for the lady who gives herself to a real strength and conditioning program.

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