Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Training Fasted?

The author makes a reasoned argument in support of his advocacy that one
should never train fasted:

But others, notably Martin Berkhan and Art Devanny, have pointed to studies that show a benefit for fasted training.    What gives?    
Probably, what gives is that science on humans is notoriously hard to do well - perhaps impossible to do well, given the variables.    So - how could you decide for yourself what's best?    
Try it. 
If you are eating a protein adequate diet, and a carb adequate  diet, there's no reason you could not perform a CrossFit WOD, or even a  moderate endurance training event, while fasted.  I do this almost every day. 
If you are an elite competitor in CrossFit or any sport, that may not be  your best choice - but I'll bet there are some that do it.  The far larger issue is how to hydrate in the AM before an AM workout (or how to know if you are hydrating adequately all day long). You lose a considerable amount of water in your sleep through urine and water vapor from the lungs. You can absorb in the range of a quart of  water per hour. Water has to warm to body temperature before it will  pass into the blood stream through the gut. So, for AM training, drink warm water (the closer to body temp the better) with a pinch of salt,  potassium and magnesium, as close to a quart as you can, and as soon  after waking as you can, to allow time for absorption pre-workout. 

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