Monday, December 10, 2012

Working Out and Eating - Keep It Simple

The link that follows will take you to a slightly obtuse, but useful article about pre and post workout nutrition strategies.  My truth is - there's no truth right now.

You can find folks who will cite study after study about the critical and essential practice of "X, Y, and Z", and you can also find folks who don't do "X, Y or Z" and they rock the house.

Case in point - Rich Fronning, the fittest human on the planet, supposedly eat PB&J all day.  There's not a scientific study on the planet that would back that approach.

We just don't know the best approach, which is why results seen amongst athletes are highly individualized.

What I tell folks who want fat loss and fitness gain is - forget the post workout shake.  Eat real food, do not eat any food that zaps your blood sugars into the stratosphere, and train hard.  Competitive athletes, training to levels that are likely not healthy, will have to eat differently in most cases than blue collar athletes like you and me, who train to live (vice living to train).

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