Thursday, October 14, 2010

Colpo on Low Carb and Performance

"These fad-type diets are usually less-than-optimal for sedentary folks and are a complete disaster for athletic folks. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: aside from amputation of your limbs, ketogenic dieting is quite possibly the quickest and most effective way to destroy your performance in any glycogen-depleting athletic endeavour. As for muscle, there is an ever-increasing body of evidence showing that both the low-insulin and glycogen-depleted conditions often induced by very low-carbohydrate dieting are anathema to muscle preservation and growth."

Atkins has been around for over 150 years - wouldn't qualify as a fad diet in my book.  The fad was putting it in a book and making it available to the masses ... but that too was done by Banting in the 1800s.

That said, based on this case, I don't think AC's assertions about severe carb restriction and athletic performance stack up to what I've seen.  It takes a long time, relatively speaking, to become a fat burning glycolytic machine - but here's a case of spectacular success:

AC is right more than he's wrong, he offers advice that will work for most folks - and he writes well.

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