Thursday, October 7, 2010

Congrats JK!

I have an athlete who is restricted in his dietary changes somewhat by his desire to accomodate his spouse - and who could blame him.  But as a result, his weight loss has lagged what I would have hoped.  Still, I got this note today:

"I made weight this morning, no taping!  My PRT run is at 0700 tomorrow." 

In other words, his body weight was low enough that he did not require a tape measurement to determine whether or not he was within body composition standards.  That a big deal for any professional. 

That said, I hope his bride is willing to work with him on a slightly different approach to nutrition, because we could easily drop another 20 pounds off of JK, with a big boost to other quality of life benefits.  Bottom line, you cannot out train a bad diet.

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