Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Unhealthy Grain, Whole or Otherwise

"The carbs that predominate in the American diet...deserve much of [their] unsavory reputation," Brody writes.  Unfortunately, the carbs that most people eat are the wrong kind. Sugars and refined starches, such as white flour and white rice, make up the lion’s share of America’s carbohydrate consumption. The far more wholesome whole grains are only 5%, Jane Brody reports."

Mr. Bass is a fitness industry legend, and one hell of a specimen.  He's far leaner looking in his photos at 70 than I am even at under 50.  His brilliance notwithstanding, he's totally off the charts with this nonsense about whole grains. 
Every time I hear the term "whole grains" or "healthy whole grains" I feel the urge to barf.  I suggest you join me in that urge.
First off, here's a rebuttal to the HWG ("barf") mantra (it is Robb Wolf's rebuttal):
Here's another:
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Mr. Bass refers to whole grains ("barf") as being unrefined - but you cannot consume grains at all without significant refining, and in particular baking.  Grains can be made palatable through a relatively long process of soaking/sprouting/fermenting, but no commercial bakery that I know of follows that process.
Mr. Bass discusses HWG ("barf") in the context of a blunted insulin response of whole food versus processed or refined foods, apparently not realizing that he could easily debunk that myth as regards HWG ("barf") by measuring the massive, long term blood sugar spike that HWG ("barf") cause; see Dr. Davis' index of scathing anti-wheat posts from his magnificent Heartscanblog:
It is stupefying that so many brilliant and otherwise informed people fall for the HWG ("barf") mantra.  There is simply no nutritional reason to ever eat grain.  A life without grain is a life without a bunch of things you don't need (gluten, lectins, starch) and a life with everything you do need (food you were designed to consume).
The only possible reason I can understand as the driver for all of the nearly criminally uninformed blather about whole grains is that if you are a dietitian, and believe the criminally uninformed blather about saturated fat and red meat etcetera, you have a problem:  it is hard to build enough calories into a diet plan without fat, meat and grain (or other high density starches like potatoes, corn or rice).  These high starch foods are essential, from the dietitian's concept of a 'healthy diet', because eating veggies and lean meat makes it hard to knock back the minimum calories the dietitians think you need.  At this point, you have think "Does it really appear that the average American needs to be advised to eat more calories?"  In spite of that, the nutrition "authorities" continue to recommend that we pack ourselves full of these starchy, low nutrition, high in side effect, neolithic foods.  It's nearly beyond belief that anyone still falls for it.
If you want bread and other grain products, by all means dig in!  "That does not confront me" as the song goes.  But for those of you who want to be healthy, pain free, lean and fit, I would eat as little grain as 'humanly possible.' 

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  1. From experience I agree. You can feel alot healthier when you stop eating grains and white potatoes. Chuck the food pyramid out the window and eat whatever makes you feel great.