Friday, October 29, 2010

Dr. Davis Cures Heart Disease, No Meds
"At the start, Freddie has disastrous lipid values:
LDL cholesterol 263 mg/dl
HDL 26 mg/dl
Triglycerides 323 mg/dl
Total cholesterol 354 mg/dl
Lipoproteins (NMR) were worse:
LDL particle number 3360 nmol/L
Small LDL 2677 nmol/L
Heart scan score: 732
Interestingly, Freddie had virtually no vitamin D in his body, with a 25-hydroxy vitamin D level that was unmeasurable.
Freddie was miserably intolerant to statin drugs, with even the smallest dose resulting in intolerable muscle aches. That's when his doctor sent him to me.
Because I felt that the dominant abnormality in Freddie's lipids and lipoproteins was small LDL particles, representing 80% of total LDL particle number, we focused his program on correcting this parameter. Freddie's program was therefore focused elimination of wheat, cornstarch, oats, and sugars, along with an eventual vitamin D dose of 20,000 units to finally achieve a 25-hydroxy vitamin D level of 66 ng/ml. No statin drug in sight.
43 lbs of weight loss and 18 months later, a second heart scan score: 183--a 75% reduction.
While the rest of the world continues to insist that coronary calcium (heart scan) scores cannot be reduced, I am seeing records being broken. I add Freddie's experience to the rapidly growing list of people who have not just stopped coronary plaque from growing, but are seizing control and reducing it, sometimes to dramatic degrees."


  1. 20,000 units of Vit D per/? day, week ...

  2. I wondered about that too, John. Dr. Davis' advice usually runs towards taking 2,000 to 6,000 iu/day, but he also insists that you cannot really get the dose right without taking measurements of your blood levels. He advises the dose is often different between winter and summer months. I'm taking 6,000 iu, and my first check last spring put me at 45 ng/nl. Hoping for 60+ next time I get checked.