Monday, October 25, 2010

Heart Attack in Neon

I title my basic nutrition lecture "That Stuff Will Kill You", and considering the fare at this establishment (frozen yogurt, toasted bagels, smoothies, etc), I don't think there's anything that won't kill you on their menu.  Can't tell you how many of these I ate back in my low fat eating days - that was right about the time I blimped up two pants sizes and decided I had to figure the nutrition situation out.  I've maintained my college pants size ever since I discovered "The Zone" in 1996.
I've been able to spend the last three days hunting in northern Utah, and shot a nice buck this morning.  Wild game is the ultimate in quality food.  I can't wait to get it back home, add in some grass fed beef and/or pork suet, and grind this into sausage.  It'll keep us in breakfast meals for many months!
CrossFit is the perfect preparation for hunting.  Walking around the mountains at 6,000 feel MSL, hauling a downed animal, dressing the animal, hauling the cooler, suitcase and rifle through the airport ... one must have a balanced fitness, with competence in all energy pathways, strength and stamina, balance, coordination, agility, and the skill to apply those attributes in lifting/moving irregular objects in unpredictable terrain.
This is the point of fitness - to be able to enjoy doing what one enjoys doing.

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