Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Athletes and Statins, Problems

Bottom line for me is I wouldn't consider doing statins unless I have a heart issue.  There's good reason to believe almost anyone can avoid having to use these things if they don't eat like a USDA food-pyramid-moron.  This study shows what one would think it would show - if you take a powerful medicine that affects cellular energy production and short circuits your body's ability to operate normally, it's no free lunch.  The embedded video is also worth looking at.

I see Lipitor commercials frequently as we track the Grizzly's through the NBA tournament - this is a novel experience for me, by the way, as I've never watched an NBA game before - and the language is remarkably and deliberately vague.  They go way out of their way to avoid making detailed claims, and rely heavily on innuendo like "80% of people who die from heart disease have high cholesterol."  That makes me go "hmmmm."  Why not say "people who take our medicine get well" or "people who use statins, even young, lean and fit people without currently diagnosed heart disease (like the model on this commercial), show a reduction in all cause mortality"?  There's a reason they don't say things like that, and I'm sure you can figure it out.

I also have to let out a moan when the commercial protagonist complains that "diet and exercise didn't do it for me."  Well, if you eat the moron low fat USDA food pyramid junk with 11 servings of whole grains daily, that's not going to help you, your family or me stay off of statins either.  If that's your plan, skip all the agony of eating that nonsense and just get the statin Rx filled.  Better yet - eat meat, vegetables, some nuts and seeds, little fruit or starch, and no sugar/wheat and be healthy.

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