Friday, May 13, 2011

Worms For Health?

Human trials (of intestinal parasite infestation) have been much more limited. Two small groups of adults — one whose members had colitis, and the other made up of those with Crohn’s disease — experienced reduced symptoms after being treated with whipworm for multiple weeks by University of Iowa researchers. But human research has stalled in the United States since the Food and Drug Administration classified parasitic worms as a drug in November 2009. Today, drug companies are working to create parasites that the FDA would approve for inflammatory bowel disease, according to Joel Weinstock, the Tufts University gastroenterologist who is a leading researcher in the field.

Our guts of course are loaded with and depend upon many bugs of various sorts to work right.  I don't think many folks thought, however, that worm infestation might at some dosage or level be good for us.  I'm not going to volunteer as  test subject, but I am interested to see what they think they can learn with further FDA approved worm tests!

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