Thursday, May 19, 2011

From What To Eat, To Why

What's the point of all the directions from the previous post?  You are starting the process of developing the ability to run your body using stored fat.  To jump start that, you will use the process that made Dr. Atkins wealthy and famous - ketogenic metabolism.  When carbohydrate intake is restricted to below 25g/day for a few days, the body becomes adept at processing stored body fat in such a way that a by product of the fat metabolism is a ketone body.  Ketones are part of the body's fasting response system - in other words, a normal metabolic process that 'normal' people would use over night.  In our high quantity high carb food world, many of us never get ketogenic, but that seems to be to our detriment.   Continuous feeding to support glucose metabolism is not the way we were designed to run. 

While many have wailed about the dangers of ketogenic metabolism over the years, the sensible folks finally did the necessary experiments and have proved that there's no risk associated with ketogenic metabolism - and what's more, there are recent studies showing positive results for diabetics and even folks with kidney disease.  In short, ketogenic metabolism is a miracle for those who are chronically over-carbed, which is virtually every American.

There's only one long term problem with ketogenic metabolism - it's hard to sustain it in a normal life (there's also the bad breath).   In the short term, be warned - it can be a tough few weeks to essentially detox from carbohydrates.  Until your body regenerates enough fat burning enzymes, your cells cannot run well on fat, and you won't have enough glucose to support anything but your brain.  The glutamine powder will help, as will drinking water consistently through the day.  If you find constipation is a problem, increase the intake of water, magnesium and 5% vegetables.

Next - what's going to happen to me?

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