Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Heartscan - Real Men

William Davis provides a concise run down of why men will benefit from significant carb restriction, and perhaps elimination of certain foods (modern wheat variants for example) altogether.
Heartscan Real Men

Real men don’t eat carbs. At least they don’t eat them without eventually paying the price.
How do carbohydrates, especially those contained in “healthy whole grains,” impair maleness? Several ways:
–Consume carbohydrates, especially the exceptional glucose-increasing amylopectin A from wheat, and visceral fat grows. Visceral fat increases estrogen levels; estrogen, in effect, opposes the masculinizing effects of testosterone. Overweight males typically have low testosterone and high estrogen, a cause for depression, emotionality, weight gain, and low libido.
The rest of the story: 
- You get older faster via glycation
- You increase prolactin production, resulting in MOOBs (male breast reduction surgery is making plastic surgeons rich)
- These foods lead to all sorts of inflammatory remants which damage the endothelium - the linings of the blood vessel walls - which is the root of erectile disfunction, and/or the source of many millions made through sales of the blue pills.

Ever see folks that you know should not be drinking talking themselves through torturous justifications to continue their drinking behavior?  I see that same phenomenon for folks who justify continued wheat consumption - and given the opioid content of modern wheat variants, I think for much the same reason. 

Carbs are not the devil per se, but consumption of carbs at levels that are now generally viewed as "normal" IS NOT NORMAL!  That stuff will kill you.

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