Friday, May 20, 2011

What's Going to Happen?

What's going to happen if you follow this prescription to the "T"?  You will lose a lot of weight, quickly, without hunger or a sense of deprivation - because you will be eating a lot of food.  Your health will benefit within weeks - the damage your high carb life has been causing will be measurably reversed.  Your belly will get smaller, quickly.  Muscle loss will be minimal.  Long bouts of cardio won't be easy in the beginning, but they are not necessary either (lift weights, and if you like cardio, stick to short sessions of the most intense ten minutes worth of work you can stand - or try 30s sprint, 30s recover, for 5 minutes and build up to ten over a few days).

How do you know if it is going well?  All you have to know is that your belly's getting smaller and the scale starts to show progress.  You may lose a quick five pounds of water weight - which is great for both your health and the pressure against your belt.  Abdominal circumference is as good a measure of health risk as any blood test - your belly getting smaller while eating the rich diet I describe above is an unquestionable measure of improving health.  

In the next few days, we'll cover what lies ahead, including what to do to ease out of ketogenic metabolism when you approach your goal weight, and how to look at eating for the rest of your life.  

Many people feel nearly euphoric when they are over the 3 week transition, and their body starts shedding weight -  enjoy it, it doesn't last but it's great when it happens.  Celebrate your victories, and hopefully your family will too.  This is nothing less than a fight for your life.  3, 2, 1 go ...

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