Sunday, May 1, 2011

CrossFit Athlete Profile

Nate S Mac

Nate S

I post this mostly for those of you that are into CrossFit, or those that are curious about CF.  This is a pretty good example of the ground you cover, training wise.  First, you see the guy gutting out a WOD, or workout of the day - this training develops capacity in the glycolitic energy pathway, and the ability to execute complex, powerful movements when fatigued to near muscle and/or metabolic failure.  Next, Nate's working on a one rep front squat - taxing the phospho-creatine pathway, and maximal force generation.  In all of the movements you see, there is a premium on the athlete's ability to achieve and sustain a functional posture under load - so all of these movement are demanding and developing core strength.  By "functional posture" I mean a posture from which power can be generated, which is the closest approximation a human can achieve to the way the human body was "designed" to operate.  Functional movements by definition are expressions of the human design, how the "creator" intended that it be used in life, sport, and combat.  There's no footage here of Nate running or rowing long, but that is also likely a portion of his training, and certainly a capacity he sustains.

I have never met Nate, but he reminds me of many CrossFitters in his mix of near super human athleticism combined with understated style and apparent humility.  I don't know if that humility factor will survive as CrossFit becomes mainstream, but I have loved being in that community up to now.

The interview also reminded me of what I learned about the Spec Ops world when I trained at Fort Bragg. Those folks are selected because they have amazing athleticism and toughness, but that just gets them to the table.  The ones that are not intelligent, adaptable and facile in a team environment are eliminated.  They work with amazing autonomy, and thus must also have a strong sense of purpose and mission.  It is a remarkable skill set that just starts with being 'badass.'

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