Friday, May 6, 2011

Marathon for Health?
This is just a good read to reinforce what you likely already know - marathoning is about preparation, devotion, and guts.  It's a test.  It's a chance to feel something you don't always feel.  Marathoning for health?  No.

Beginners should probably not be running marathons. Truth is, I don’t even think experienced endurance athletes should be running marathons as often as some do (I keep tabs on all my old elite runner/triathlete friends who have had serious heart problems – or died – and it’s at a significant number now). But good luck getting that across. They – we – can be a stubborn bunch. If you want to get fit and you’re starting from scratch, lifting heavy things, engaging in slow steady movement often, and getting your diet in order are the most reliable, safest steps toward that goal. Running a marathon sounds badass and impressive, but remember – the first marathoner dropped dead after completing it.

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