Tuesday, January 15, 2013

120 and Counting

"PJ Cote sold his business to focus on losing weight. In September 2011, Cote weighed in at 420 pounds.

“I owned shares in a company and I decided the best thing for me ... was to sell to my business partners and concentrate on losing weight,” Cote says.
A month later, a friend told him about Grande Prairie’s CrossFit VO2Max. He visited the box, but was too intimidated to stay.
It took Cote three months to gather the courage for a Sunday visit. The gym wasn't open, but one of the owners, Janine Shillington, was there. She told him about CrossFit and he promised to show up the next day.
“My first workout was brutal. We did squats and more squats,” Cote says. “It took me five days to walk normal again. I didn’t go back until after Christmas, but I was hooked.”"

It's worth it to click on the link to see what a 120 pound weight loss looks like.  You don't get medals for saving someone's life if it takes months of weight loss, but the effect is the same as pulling someone out of a swirling ice cold river.  Congrats to PJ and his team!

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