Friday, January 18, 2013

Another Chapter of "What's Your Excuse?"

"When Laurie Nelson was in high school, there were no women's sports. It wasn't until she graduated from college that college sports started for women. Once at Pepperdine University, where the 67-year-old is an associate professor of sports medicine, Nelson started the women's athletic program there.

"This year, she finished 10th at the CrossFit Games in the Masters Women 60-Plus Division.

"For about a year before she started the program, "she knew that CrossFit was not for her," says Mike Anderson, owner of CrossFit Malibu, where Nelson trains. Anderson explains that Nelson thought CrossFit was only for elite athletes, so while she encouraged others to go, she stayed away herself.

"She was 64 at the time and had a "bad knee" and a "bad foot," Nelson explains.

""I really, really had no experience with this," she adds."

I watched with pain as my grandparents degenerated in their late 60s, and I deeply believed they needed an appropriate fitness training system.  Now, here are folks, even non-athletes, proving the concept.  Incredible.

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