Friday, January 11, 2013

Kicking That 18 Year Old's Butt

"In 2008, a friend introduced Greaver to CrossFit at a Christmas party.

""What exactly my friend was in love with I wasn't sure, but it had something to do with weightlifting, doing everything as fast as you can and some main website," Greaver recalls. "I was curious about all this, so about a week later, I looked up this website she mentioned and I thought to myself, 'OK, I can at least try this if housewives and grandparents can do it. I really don't have anything to lose.'""

What happened?

"She lost 50 pounds in nine months, and her body fat decreased from 35 to 12 percent.

"All of a sudden, I had a body better than back in my college soccer days. I was stronger and faster, too," she says. "To this day, it's still surreal that my 34-year-old self could kick my 18-year-old self's butt.""

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