Tuesday, January 8, 2013

CrossFit for VC and Heart Patients

"Sure it hurts, and sure you want to puke your guts out. Sure you don't think you can't go any harder or faster, but guess what? You always manage to do it. More than anything, CrossFit is a mental game, and it's up to you to beat it. And then there's the whole peer pressure thing. Because you are doing the same workouts as everyone else in the room, you push yourself harder and further than you would normally. Who the hell cares if you're tired it won't kill you? The reality is you'll pass out before you die."


"Roberts the elder just turned 68 and has had triple-bypass surgery, aortic valve replacement and pacemaker implantation. Since his son got him started on CrossFit six weeks earlier, he's been training with Anthony Edgerton at CrossFit Stumptown in Portland, Ore.  "Measurements reveal Roberts has only lost 10 lb., but his body fat has decreased dramatically, and he's reduced his waist circumference by 6.5 inches. His mobility is also improving. And he sings while he rides the Airdyne.  ""Suddenly, he's all-in," wife Pamala Roberts says."


Aggressive young entrepreneurs and those recovering from heart surgery - how can CrossFit work for both?

In a word - scaling.  CrossFit is constantly varied functional movement executes at high intensity, but the intensity is relative to the athlete's ability.  Each workout is scaled to challenge the current fitness of the athlete - better today than yesterday, better tomorrow than today!

Both articles are available for further review and inspiration.

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