Monday, August 30, 2010

'Feasting' On Juice
"You have probably already read my post Just Say No...To Juice?, but if you haven't now's your chance.  Basically, the problem with juice is that it is too concentrated--you just can NOT eat enough fruit to get the equivalent amount of sugar that is in juice--you'd get sick!  And don't kid yourself, fructose is a sugar, just like high fructose corn syrup, just like table sugar, just like stevia.  They all set things in motion in your body that prepare it for the highly concentrated burst of energy your body knows comes with sweet foods.  It doesn't matter if they are "zero" calorie or low glycemic, sugar and its various forms set the fat storage switch to ON, storing excess carbohydrate as fat."
One of the first times my wife took the kids to the dentist, she (the dentist) said, "you guys don't drink a lot of juice, do you."  In other words, the dentist can determine which kids are 'juicing' by the tooth damage.  The case against juice is so strong, it's hard to believe it ever gained a reputation as a healthful substance - yes, juice has some important nutritional elements, but most of them are irrelevant in the presence of sugar!  In other words - you need a lot less vitamin C when you are eating a low sugar diet.  As I've written before, it appears to me that the primary purpose of fruit in the 'ancestral diet' was to help us fatten up for the winter.  Fructose in particular has an effect on leptin resistance that would support that conjecture.  Eat fruit like a treat, and knowing that it works against any intention you may have to lower your body fat levels while being at best neutral to your health.    

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