Friday, August 27, 2010

Feedback From Shi No Ubi

My friend Shi No Ubi (nicknamed 'finger of death' by an exchange student who feared his pressure point prowess) has been eating according to the FOTG plan this month (he'd already lost ten pounds counting calories, which probably helped him get started - caloric restriction works well for a short time, after which, unless adequate protein is ingested, weight loss slows and negative side effects kick in).  He reports his total weight loss now is over 20 pounds,  and he reports he's "not hungry, energy getting better, I'm waking up earlier, knees feel better."  In other words, these are markers that all indicate that insulin, and therefore inflammation, is getting under control.  As part of that process, Shi No Ubi is checking his blood sugar every AM.  As he noted, "I can tell when something I eat in the evening should come off of the 'food' list because my blood sugar will be high the next morning."  His glucose is averaging 111, and his goal is to get it below 100.  This is of course the big number, more important by far than fat loss.  If your glucose numbers are bad, the impact is systemic.  That they are now getting under control is a good sign, another marker that he's on the trail towards restored health.
Today, Shi No Ubi reported the passage of another milestone - his blood pressure was 96/56, pulse, 60 beats per minute.  These are low numbers and indicate that he can talk to his doctor about a reduction/elimination of blood pressure medication. 
In short, Shi No Ubi presents the 'picture' that anyone would hope for when moving from pre-diabetic/metabolic syndrome/metabolic derrangement towards health.  By restricting the quantity and quality of carbohydrate intake to levels the human body was built to work with, the body is no longer in 'emergency mode' to manage blood glucose levels.  "Emergency mode" means insulin resistance, low energy levels, high inflammation levels, high blood pressure, low HDL, a large amount of small dense LDL, high triglycerides, high A1c, and high abdominal fat - the body is in a near panic managing excessive doses of carbs, and does its best to clean house by storing the sugar as fat around the abdomen.  Through his thoughtful changes in diet, and with no change in exercise, Shi No Ubi has arrested metabolic syndrome, and like clockwork, all the markers are turning positive - lowering BP (and a pending reduction in BP meds), no hunger, better energy, decreasing pain levels, and decreasing abdominal fat. 
Still in the future - elimination of statins as his blood sugar further regulates and all his fasting lipid panel numbers improve (getting off of statins reduces any number of statin related risks).  Still in the future - a comfortable body weight and further reductions in inflammation levels.  Still in the future - another leap in sleep quality.  Still in the future - confidence that his health is under his own control.  Still in the future - 10-20 additional years of good quality living. 
I couldn't be happier for my friend!  I'm looking forward to another visit next month - more cigars, more shooting, more martial arts training, more of the good life!

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