Thursday, August 12, 2010

WOD Thursday 12 August

Tabata Rowing, record the meters you covered (slow pace to keep wheel/computer running during the rest interval):
Tabata situp/ball throw (sit up throw med ball to partner, he/she throws back to start next situp), record reps:
Shoulder press, 3RM:


  1. Star Rhodes

    Tabata Rowing: Yikes...didn't look at length covered.

    Tabata Sit Up: 92 (11# ball) - somewhat easy...may like to increase to 15# ball in future.

    Shoulder Press: 75# 3 reps; tried 85# but that was too much for sure.

  2. Hmmm

    Tabata Rowing: 631 meters ~ concentrated on technique

    Tabata Sit Up: 75 (11#) ~ really liked the challenge (nned more often)

    Shoulder Press: 65# x 3 reps successfully

    Fun! Fun! Fun!

  3. Congrats ladies, you could both be pressing 100# this year - go for it!