Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stuck on the Wrong Model
The evidence that exercise contributes to weight loss is contradictory, as is the concept.  I think that if exercise contributed to weight loss, all lumberjacks would have died.  In other words, we know that the body includes many feedback mechanisms that help keep a person who's eating 'food' (not to be confused with bread, rice, pasta, and the processed products of the undustrial food chain) from eating too little or too much.  If you eat non-food and try to work it off, fine, go ahead but I can guarantee you'll get a better result if you eat the right food, and exercise for the physical capacities that will serve you best in sport, life and combat. 

That said, this is an interesting quote:
"It's often said that the best program you could be doing right now is the one you're not currently on... What that means is that once your body adapts to certain stimulus it is time to switch up your routine.

This is why my quick tip for you today would be to take your current cardio program and turn it on its head. If you're doing mostly longer distance, steady state cardio then switch over the majority of these workouts to interval based routines. Likewise, if you're big into interval based sprints I would try adding in a few longer endurance based sessions."

This idea is embodied in CrossFit's prescription:  "Constantly varied functional movements, executed at high intensity."  There's almost no case for which the variation does not make sense.  One exception - some people will exercise more if all they are doing is putting on some shoes and going outside to walk/run.  They don't want to think about what they will do, they just want a routine to escape to, the benefits are often a meditative process as much as anything else.  For those folks, variation by result in less activity.

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