Monday, March 21, 2011

Briffa on Eggs Not Eggshells

Dr. Briffa's BLUF: 
Look, we simply don’t have definitive evidence which tells us whether eggs are healthy or not. But in the presence of evidence which does not incriminate them, as well the weak and inconsistent nature of evidence used to damn them, I’ll continue to ‘take my chances’ with this natural and nutritious food.

The evidence is scant and fairly easy to evaluate for yourself - does eating eggs change your cholesterol numbers for the worse - IOW, lower HDL, increase your numbers of small dense LDL, or raise your triglycerides?  If not, then there's no reason whatsoever to stop eating eggs, because the claim that eating eggs will worsen your cholesterol is all the evidence that exists.  Turns out this is not true for most folks, leaving exactly nada reasons to avoid eggs.  None. Zip. Zilch.  They are an amazing dose of nutrition, convenient, inexpensive and I eat them because I like them.

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