Sunday, March 27, 2011

CrossFit Ladies

Want to see something really cool, something inspiring but 'girl next door' real?  Read these posts by some "gravel in your gut and spit in your eye" ladies who have utilized CrossFit to redefined their sense of what a woman can do, should do, could feel about her body as she, they, press through limitations, physical and mental.  These posts inform what the ladies mean when they say "strong is the new skinny."

From my friends at Paleo Chronicles:
Over time, I began to develop an appreciation for my body’s ability to perform functional movements, and started to understand that the ability to squat, lift, throw, jump, run, pull, push and maneuver myself over, under and around all kinds of obstacles would be essential to staying healthy and able to live independently as I grow older. I started to see my physical activities as an investment in my longevity and future quality of life, and when I began to hear about the Paleo Diet, yet another dimension of bodily health began to emerge. I started to understand how the food I had been eating, the sleep I had been missing, and the stress I had been living with had all been contributing to keep me fat, despite the investment in time that I had been making through CrossFit.

CrossFit Lisbeth
Do it badly, then do it better.
Stop obsessing that your form is not perfect all the time. Do it badly, then do it better.
Women, especially: Quit your bitching and obsessing and worrying about what your girlfriends are doing in this WOD. Put more weight on that bar and fail. Pick up the heavier kettlebell and f*** up that swing. Show me the shi****** pull-ups on the face of this CrossFit earth. Push yourself hard enough that things start to look like crap. Then, focus and get your form right. Grow stronger. Then, push again. Then, get it right again.

Lisbeth talks favorable of guys in this post, but she's being kind to all the slebs that will talk all day about how good they were back in the day, but won't do anything to reclaim their lost physicality.  In general, women step up to this plate faster than men do.  Transformation - they want it and will pay to price to get it.

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