Monday, March 14, 2011

Julio Accelerates!
We were monitoring his heart rate at the combine, and three minutes before he was to run his 40, he was at 125 beats per minute. So, he's ready — he's not laying around at 70 beats per minute, ready to fall asleep. Then, when he stepped up to the line, without warming up at all, boom — his heart rate shot up from 125 to 146. And what we learned in military testing from Special Forces guys is that you don't want to be below 140 beats per minute, and they don't want to be above 160. Above 160, your judgment goes down, your reaction time goes down, and your peripheral vision goes away, basically. But when you get in that zone, there's a heightened sense of reaction time, and you have optimal strength output. It really showed for him.

It would be fun to test this idea w CrossFit athletes on short WODs, and on powerlifters on max lifts.

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