Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wolf Supplementation

The Paleolithic model incorporates the principle that most dieteary/performance supplements are unneeded if you eat food that humans evolved to benefit from.  However, in a world of industrial food chains in which each cow has a half a barrel of oil in it (as a result of the cow eating mountains of amonium nitrate fertilized corn), it isn't a walk in the park to fill one's plate with FOOD.  Those who have read Robb Wolf's book, or listened to his podcasts ( or scanned his blog know that in his clinical practice, he's found consistently good results with several very basic supplements.  Now, those are easy to find here:

I use a magnesium/zinc supplement when I'm getting ready to sleep, and also want to experiment with the Super Enzymes, which seem to restore folks to a more optimal level of stomach acidity. 

On that note, one other supplement some clients have found helpful is glutamine powder (sold as a recovery product), which seems to help folks when transitioning to a low carb diet.  It can take as long as 30 days to get the body tuned up to run on fat, and glutamine seems to reduce the unpleasantness of being a sugar burner deprived of sugar. 

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