Monday, March 28, 2011

FTA Finding More Paleo Model Tidbits

Free The Animal, in this post, comments on this article, which presents some interesting info about how long babies cry and their mothers' nutrition.  In short, mom's who had higher levels of B12 were blessed with babies that cried less.  There was an interesting hint about a connection between crying and activation of some sort of hormonal response in the babies - which is a relationship I've always suspected.  In other words, babies "use" crying in order to feel some way they instinctively know they need to.

Neither of these articles is a pinnacle of science, but in the context of the paleolithic model, they are interesting.  If as we believe the paleolithic model of nutrition should provide a guide for what to eat, we should expect to see many objective markers of humans thriving on such a diet.  Babies that cry less would in my view be a very significant marker!!  First, their parents will be healthier and happier, second, their parents will be far less likely to lose touch with their bonds for their baby.  All in all, mathematics of survival will vastly favor a baby that cries "enough" but not "a lot." (those are technical terms)

Neither of the linked articles would amount to proof of anything, although the original study might (would that I could find it), but they are useful as a way of thinking through the paleolithic model.  I recommend you eat a steak tonight and enjoy the many benefits of steak, from a better cholesterol profile to a dose of high quality protein to the satisfaction and long term satiety that results from a meal of protein and fat.

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